Client Testimonials:

"Your credit restoration book was seriously one of the best resources on self help credit repair that I'd ever come across bar none and I've been in the business of credit repair for a few years now. I was just looking for a good do-it-yourself guide on the internet to refer to all my clients and I have definitely found it with Ultimate Credit Restoration's helpful ebook. I wish everyone would start their journey to improve their credit with this book before moving on to more expensive credit propositions and trade lines. When I used the secrets found in this book with the credit bureaus, I was able to remove a bad debt off my credit report that had been there for over 2 years. All it took was a simple call and following the directions included in the guide and when I pulled my credit again 3 months later, all 3 credit companies had removed it like clockwork! This information can really work miracles on your credit."

...Melissa Stokes of San Diego, CA

"I was going down a very difficult road in terms of my credit history and didn't know where to turn. I thought that I was permanently stuck in a rut. When a trusted friend referred this website to me to check out their ebook and improve my credit, I immediately gave it a try. I bought the ebook and couldn't stop reading until I had finished every chapter in the UCR guide; it filled me with a lot of hope and optimism that I hadn't felt in a long time with regards to boosting my credit score. I loved their practical, easy to ready material and I learned more by watching their credit seminar video than I ever had with my credit counselor. In fact, I had no idea that credit repair could be this easy! I have since fired my credit repair counselor and used the great ideas in this ebook to raise my credit score over 100 points in the past month! It is absolutely incredible what this kind of information can do for you when applied as they so thoroughly instruct in this book. Thank You for changing my life forever! "

...Kathy McPhee of Harrisburg, PA

"The lender told me I was within 20 points to qualify for a home loan that would mean a difference of $400/month and by doing what this credit repair EBook suggests, I believe it helped me to raise my credit score by about 40 points in just a few short weeks! I didn't think that was even possible but when the final rate was locked in, I qualified after the lender did the re-score with my credit. I could hardly believe it! Their credit boosting tip from the free video I saw on this site was one of the best things I could've done in a short amount of time. I can truly say it has changed my life. Thanks UCR!. "

...Jared Bigler of Coos Bay, OR

"I really enjoyed reading the Ultimate Credit Restore book since it really related to my efforts to build up my credit scores with the 3 major credit bureaus. I had no idea there was so much that I could do on my own to rebuild my credit by writing those dispute letters and making a few simple phone calls. I would definitely recommend this EBook to anyone who wants to qualify for the best rates by getting excellent credt. Thanks UCR for your good recommendations! They are working now and life is better than ever!. "

...Lance J. Taylor of Orange, CA

"Knowledge of the entire credit restoration process really is power to be able to take action to improve your credit.   Thanks to the Ultimate Credit Restoration, I was able to boost my FICO score 150 points in a little less than a month! My husband and I bought our first real estate investment property in Florida since we qualified for the loan program that got our foot in the door. "

...Maria Claybourne of Santa Monica, CA

"I'm so glad that I was able to find this E-book when I did. I was able to buy our first primary residence with a much lower interest rate than I would've imagined from where my credit started out as. I literally went through dozens of different credit repair books that professed to hold the key to boosting your credit but not until I tried the principles taught in the Ultimate Credit Restoration book, was I able to change my life with a much higher credit score! "

...Daniel Pomeroy of Chandler, AZ

"I've always been a skeptic of anyone who claims to have a miraculous fix that can 'change your life' but this practical book on raising your credit score has turned me into a believer! I used some of their legal templates found in the last chapter and had amazing results in getting rid of some 60 day late payments that had been on my credit for years. Wow, I had no idea that this could be done in such a relatively short amount of time! This credit restoration book really delivers! "

...Jeremy Owens of Houston, TX

"One thing I noticed about their easy to read book was that it gave a lot of specific examples that were applicable to my own situation. All of the chapters had a lot of great ideas on how to build up your credit, some that I'd heard of before and a ton of cool ideas that I'd never even considered or thought possible. The sample letters they include with their book to tell you how to dispute information with the credit agencies are simply awesome!"

...Cameron Harris of Flagstaff, AZ

"I never realized before just how easy it is to fix your credit and get the bureaus to set the record straight. After reading this book and using their included sample letters, I was able to get rid of multiple late payments that had hit my credit in the past 5 years. My score went up an amazing 200 points within a few months and I finally qualified for a beautiful new home that my family and I had wanted for a long time! I would recommend ultimate credit restoration for anyone who is serious about increasing their credit score."

...Katie Oyler of Boise, ID